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Web Analytics is a science of analysis that concentrates on Internet data. It covers the collection, analysis, data-informed decisions leading to the optimization of company's digital ecosystem and maintaining business processes. Data from websites, mobile applications, social media are commonly integrated with back-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales systems to notify business decisions. Web Analytics has become a crucial part of core business strategies, workflow optimization, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Google Analytics is a great tool that gives insights into your digital marketing activities and is essential to creating a successful online presence. Unlock the potentials of Google Analytics and see how this tool can give more than a perception of website traffic and data, but also make results in your marketing campaigns.

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Google Analytics is one of the primary tools for analyzing web traffic data. Whether you maintain or own a small blog, or run a leading global commercial website, knowing how this tool works can be a source of great possibilities. Google Analytics grants you access to an plenty of data. You can see where your visitants are coming from, what content is in demand and either your website is working well for you. This Google Analytics Training will be of great advantage to anyone running a website and desire to understand the dynamics of Internet Marketing. This course will be helpful to professionals in business and marketing. Understanding website traffic statistics is essential in every business today and learning Google Analytics tool will make you a more competing employee or entrepreneur.

Google Analytics training is suitable for who want to learn and specialize in web analytics to boost their skill sets in the digital marketing industry and beyond. This course is best suited for members who are: Digital Marketing Persons Marketing Managers Product and Brand Managers Students IT Professionals Web designers and Web developers A graduate who desires to get Google Analytics Certification

In our Google Analytics course you will learn about: Learn the basics of setting up and using Google Analytics Learn the fundamentals of analyzing and reporting from Google Analytics Examine data concerning visits and visitors: bounce rate, traffic sources Identify which high traffic keywords bring high-value visits and therefore budget suitably in Adwords; Track sales down to the product level with Google Analytics, recognize the AdWords keywords making the most profit and improve your keyword bid amounts based on ROI calculations; Identify problems with your site by defining a funnel for each of your goals; Implement Google Analytics tracking code to excellent report on your site Navigate around Google Analytics to access your reports and dashboards Implement tagging for your online marketing Creating conversion funnels and analysis objectives Google Analytics Reports and Custom Reports


Web Analytics

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