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Our YouTube marketing course will teach you specialized set of skills to work as a successful youtuber. YouTube marketing is a very popular method of digital marketing. You will be given a practical business-oriented YouTube videos marketing training.

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To start a YouTube channel Learn to use the monetization process within YouTube to increase your revenue Moreover, you will learn to identify the audience and video content metrics used by advertisers to come up with a buying decision. Furthermore, you will know how to maximize YouTube’s platform and channel strategies. Significantly, you will be taught to design appropriate plans to maximize client opportunities and increase subscriptions You will learn to create videos that increase watch time and overall subscribership. Importantly, you will learn to master the art of SEO optimization within videos on YouTube and for your YouTube channels. Specifically, you will learn to create KPIs and optimization metrics for a revenue producing programming strategy and Types of videos that you can create in the business field.

YouTube marketing is an easy way to navigate your business popularity in the social media. Your YouTube marketing training curriculum contains the following topics, Introduction to YouTube Marketing YouTube Home Page, YouTube Trends, YouTube Trends Dashboard YouTube Channel Creation and Channel Features YouTube Channel Verification, YouTube Channel Advanced Settings, and Channel Branding Optimization of Video File YouTube Video Enhancements, Comprehensive Video, YouTube Video Editor, and Third Party Video Software YouTube Audio Video Frame Rate and Speed Optimization YouTube Keyword Research YouTube Video Title, Description, Tag, and Thumbnail Optimization YouTube URL Management and Embedding Annotation, End Card, Transcription, and Caption Like and Subscribers YouTube Playlists and YouTube Live YouTube Video Comments, Link Building with Comments, Influencer Marketing, and Channel Collaboration YouTube Community Guidelines YouTube Copyright How to Rank Videos on Google and Foreign Languages (YouTube) YouTube Channel Authority How to Choose Channel Niches on YouTube Other Video Hosting Sites YouTube Feedback and YouTube Alert How to Promote YouTube Videos on Various Social Media Sites YouTube Analytics Landing Page Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization YouTube Ethics YouTube Marketing Projects from YouTube and Other Online Marketplaces Monetize YouTube Channels and Videos

NxTechPro stands out from other institutes in teaching YouTube Marketing because we mainly focus on, A clear cut video content strategy Moreover, you will gain special skills in publishing videos and YouTube SEO Furthermore, you will learn content curation techniques for higher engagement Significantly, you will learn about content distribution and promotion You will learn the skills of passive and active cross promotion We teach in-depth about YouTube data and analytics Eventually, we will teach you the art of converting your YouTube visitors into paying customers or clients

After you successfully complete the YouTube marketing course you will be able to, Know what to publish and when. Which metadata to use and which YouTube features to employ to ensure your content is discovered by the right audience. Moreover, you will know how to curate all of your content library to boost and keep up engagement. Significantly, you will know how to build a successful distribution and promotion strategy. Also, you will learn to cross-promote your content to increase video views and engagement.

It’s vital that you take your marketing to YouTube. This will bringing virality to your promotion and online presence. Furthermore, you have the privilege of hosting your own channel. The greatest advantage in doing your marketing with YouTube is that it allows easy measurement options to track viewership and monitor your performance. These telling numbers opens up a huge marketing space for you. Significantly, it is reported that 80 percentage of YouTube viewers see YouTube product reviews before they could buy any product. Further research also confirms that YouTube is now the top app for both iOS and Android services. Therefore, with its growing importance to target millennials, live streaming and much more it is vital for you to move your business forward by learning YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Marketing is an online marketing technique that involves creating appropriate promotion and advertisements about your product. Visitors on your YouTube Channel will look at your product and share it to the rest through online means. Scope of YouTube Marketing and the Jobs you will Get after YouTube Marketing Training YouTube continues to be the second largest search engine next to Google. Furthermore, it will remain to be one of the biggest online platforms for marketers, freelancers and businesses. Significantly, YouTube is bigger than Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and ASK combined. It will remain to be a huge market for both advertisers and publishers. Prominently, YouTube remains to be a major viewing channel with more than 1 billion active users spending millions of hours watching videos daily. This will keep increasing and create more avenues for marketing in the future. Some of the job roles you can get after learning YouTube Marketing are, Jr. Marketing Associate Marketing Manager Marketing Coordinator Brand Marketing Specialist Social Marketing Communications Specialist Marketing Associate Social Media Specialist Marketing Strategist Your starting salary in the YouTube Marketing role in India is Rs.15,000 per month and based on seniority it can move up to Rs.75,000 per month.

Persons interested in earning a good salary and at the same time become popular in the online world can attend the YouTube marketing training course. Furthermore, it is specifically designed for, Digital Marketing Professionals Graphic and Web Designers Bloggers Freelancers Photographers and Videographers Animators Business owners and entrepreneurs engaged in the field of Real Estate and Interior Businesses, Movie and Drama Companies, Content Creators and those involved in eCommerce Businesses. Others who can also attend are Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutes, Artists ,and persons from the Beverage Industry